At Floyd & Hamilton we ensure that your personal data is protected and never misused.

Our privacy policy explains what personal information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, the control you have over your personal information and the procedures we have in place to protect your privacy. The policy applies to the data we collect via the Floyd & Hamilton website and any related applications that arrive via the Floyd & Hamilton recruitment website and/or that are used by us to process the applications.

By sharing your personal information with us and by continuing to use our website, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms of our privacy policy and that we use your personal information as described in this privacy policy.

We take responsibility for the personal data we collect about you and strive to be transparent about how we handle it and give you control over it.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about certain aspects of this policy or how Floyd & Hamilton handles your information, please send an email to our Privacy Team: [email protected].

What personal data do we collect?

Our primary reasons for collecting personal information are to provide you with information or services that you have requested including the support of your application(s) at Floyd & Hamilton, and the services, products and experiences that you and the users of the career website of Floyd & Hamilton, applicants and employees expect, want to deliver and improve from us.

We collect your personal data in various ways; you may share that information with us or we may collect that information through the use of other means. In this section we explain the different ways we collect personal information from you and some of the ways in which that information is used. For further information about how we use your personal data, please refer to the section entitled “How do we use your personal data?”

Sometimes we may also ask you to voluntarily provide us with personal data. Generally, this information is requested when you request information from us.

We may collect the following information about you:
- Name

- E-mail

- Phone-number

- IP address (a unique identifier for your computer or other device)

- Mobile device ID

- Cookie (user) ID (a unique identifier stored on your device)

Information you share with us

We collect personal information that you share with us when you register, contact us or communicate with us via our website, email, telephone or otherwise. You can decide not to provide certain information or ask to delete certain information you have previously provided. If you choose to do this, you may not be able to initiate an application and take full advantage of the benefits of a career with Floyd & Hamilton.

For example, you may provide us with information when you contact us about the opportunity to work at Floyd & Hamilton or when you upload a resume or other information about your career.

To apply for a position listed on our website, we ask users to provide us with basic contact information. Through this communication you share the following information with us: name, email address, telephone number, information about your career (usually in the form of a CV) as well as any other personal data that you provide in communication with Floyd & Hamilton. We may also request additional information to assist the recruitment process and in the event that you are offered a job.